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Please read the terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") set out below carefully before ordering any Goods or Services from this Website. By ordering any Goods or Services from this Website, by phone, or by our mobile applications you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

·      Section 1: Introduction: We are online shop of trust family needs shopping mall

·      Section 2: Definitions

o   2.1. "Agreement" is a reference to these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, any order form and payment instructions provided to you;

o   2.2. "Privacy Policy" means the policy displayed on our Website which details how we collect and store your personal data;

o   2.3. "you", "your" and "yours" are references to you the person accessing this Website and ordering any Goods or Services from the Website or from any other channel provided by trustfamilyneeds.com

o   2.4. "we", "us", "our", and "Trustfamilyneeds.com" are references to the Company;

o   2.5. "Goods" is a reference to any goods which we may offer for sale from our Website from time to time;

o   2.6. "Service" or "Services" is a reference to any service which we may supply and which you may request via our Website;

o   2.7. "Grocery Delivery" is a reference to perishable or non perishable grocery products and to any form of delivery service, which both are provided by our corresponding outlets

o   2.9. "Website" is a reference to our Website http://www.trustfamilyneeds.com or our mobile web page on which we offer our Goods or Services.

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  • Address: Outlet 1 : House No. 07, Road No.15, Rabindra Sarani, Sector - 03, Uttara, Dhaka - 1230.
  • Phone: 01704174841 , 01704174842 , LA CAFE 01704174827
  • Email: [email protected]